I enjoyed the company of my play partner last night. We retired early but then we woke up in the middle of the night for a late night chat and snuggle. We’ve established a nice friendship, full of fondness and trust. Last night we chose to venture into slightly sexual play…just using hands on genitals. It was a sweet change in our friendship. I really do like him. He’s a good man and easy to be with.

I feel curious and hopeful about another person I’ve been in conversation with for awhile now. He’s cagey…*shrugs* Guess time will tell if he intends to spend time with me. He talks about it, but keeps finding reasons not to take the next step into face time.

I’ve been in conversation with someone else for several months that I hope to meet next weekend at some point…I’m looking forward to a kink social next weekend too. I’m going to another cuddle party tomorrow. A friend of mine is offering it and I’m lending a hand however I can. Got plans to see my play partner again either Monday or Friday next week.

A nice last week of vaca…Doncha think?

I’m in a quiet mood. I realized in the past day or two that I’m not ready for a life partnership. What I need to do first is find some good friends and just be with them awhile, practicing loving with out attachment…I hope to do some practicing of sensuality with women. I hope to enjoy dominance more on an erotic level. Haven’t had as many relationships that were erotic as I’d like. I hope to practice being submissive without getting little too. I want to keep practicing life as ritual and being in harmony with my body’s natural rhythms so I’m healthy and strong.

I’ve decided that I’m going to rent a car for the month of July…half of which I’m camping for ceremony. I’m putting out into the universe that I need a good place to park to use the internet for the weeks I’m not at ceremony. I need to focus on school and find a place to live during that last week of the month.

K…Shower and errand time…*smiles*

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