Today I was laughing at myself about something. Damned if I didn’t get pink cheeks over something I said recently. Can you imagine? I guess I’ve grown modest in this past year or so of not writing much erotica, nor even getting particularly overt about my sexual feelings. When you blog for a small group of friends, most of whom are non-sexual and who might live a half a continent or half a world away, you just get out of the habit of being more than titillating.

I thought that my pink cheeked response was utterly hilarious. Long time readers will likely snort their coffee reading that one.

In other news, I have been playing with a new play partner. Its non-sexual as I’ve shared before…but I’m enjoying my responses to him. He’s very interested in just touching me. He’ll spend hours just caressing me and I’ll be damned if I’m not cumming all over the place over that. Its not the dripping juicy orgasms that I have with sex…but I’m watching myself orgasm over all kinds of touching and no erotic stimulation at all. Its wonderful to see that. I’ve grown more and more sensitive as time has passed. What a blessing.

And another blessing…Another set of pink cheeks. I’ve finally found a fellow who knows how to give me a fabulous spanking. I’d given up after the spoiling I got from the fabulous spankings M used to give me. And then there he is. I love it…

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