Photo by Garth Knight

In February, I wrote a bucket list post. I was able to cross some stuff off my lists in the past few months:

  • Try needle play
  • Try fire cupping
  • Try fire play


There were a few other firsts that I didn’t really have on a bucket list but I really enjoyed the opportunities…

  • I got to spank a man at a play party.
  • I got to switch with that man when I asked him for a flogging before I spanked him.
  • I got to try some great dungeon furniture that I really loved.

I was thinking if there were new things to add to the list of play I’d like to try. I was realizing that I’m not sure there is beyond doing rope suspension. I have pretty much tried all the types of play that really interests me…What I really hope for in my life is more about relationships.

Right now I hope for being a part of a poly family…sometimes I just want to have a man to myself and find someone occasionally we both love to play with…but mostly have our privacy as a couple…sometimes I think how lovely it would be to fall for a woman…sometimes I think I will just have some good long term friendships and no commitments beyond loving my friends…

I am just letting my heart guide the journey and seeing what happens.

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