What a perfectly lovely day. I went to the lake front to take a walk with a friend. She was in need of some cheering, so I did what I always do when a friend needs cheering…I listen and then change the subject on her in a soft subtle way. I get her involved in her senses in some light hearted fashion. So we bought hotdogs and ice cream cones and walked along the water front taking pictures of the flooding still going on with Lake Champlain. We watched the para-sailers, hoping they’d take off the their wetsuits and watching them do flips with their sails. We rocked in the swings. We went puddle jumping. She got soaked, but I had my water shoes on and just lifted my yoga pant legs up and walked in the knee high puddles there. It was cold in the puddles but bitterly so right in the lake water. The ice has only just completely melted out of the lake, so its still not far from a freezing temperature despite all this rain water. With lots of squealing, we tried to make it to the benches we saw on one of the piers that was underwater by the water treatment facility, but found it put such an ache in our bones to stand in that cold water, we turned around and got back out again. It was fun squealing and it was fun complaining loudly about the water temperatures…The men standing around watching us were highly entertained anyway…so I don’t think we were just entertaining each other. Its always fun to make men watch whatever we do…*shrugs and grins* We laid in the grass and talked girly talk. We talked about men and kids and sex and really good beatings and all those things kinky women like to discuss. n the end, she was grinning and feeling much more relaxed…I could tell that all she really needed was some company willing to giggle with her…to know she matters to those she loves. That’s a very easy thing to give someone…I feel happy to give to my friends like this…

We ended the day with her deciding she wanted to rinse her feet in my tub. She just discovered something about the bathroom habits of my roommy Ginny and I…We never turn off the shower head. She got soaked again when she sat on the side of the tub to rinse her feet. She got the shower water instead of the tub faucet. More squealing…! Yays! LOL!

Good day…

Did I mention that girl’s day started with me nekkid cause I lost track of time and didn’t get in the shower? She gave me a bunch of shit for not being ready and then sat in there with me and gabbed whilst I showered and oiled my skin. I do love girly time…

Now didn’t you like the teasing I added in there about girly time in the bathroom? *winks and grins*

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