I love rope play. I love the scent of certain kinds of rope. I love the soft texture of good bondage rope against my skin. I love to feel a man’s hands grasping my ribs to turn me- grasping my arms or legs to indicate how he wants me to hold my limbs so he can render me helpless. I love to feel the snaking sensations of the rope traveling across my skin, over and over again, as he creates knots. I love the slow motions of his hands adjusting the rope against me, knuckles and fingertips brushing softly and firmly by turns. I love to listen to him breathing, frequently tickling me with it. I love the sense of arousal we both feel at my helplessness. I love how that arousal makes my nipples and my mouth and my skin irresistible to his touch. I enjoy how much it makes me want to touch his skin too. My hands are drawn to his skin like magnets to metal. If I can get even a finger on his skin, I reach for the contact. I love to look at the marks on my skin when the rope is gone. I love it when he takes the ropes off and then does it all again…I love the simple practice of rope bondage. I enjoy it when he creates a tie that requires that he hold me in order to make it work or make it comfortable. It makes me feel so safe to just be held and supported like that when I’m helpless. I enjoy seeing beautifully wrought knots, but even simple ones are enjoyable to feel created against my skin. It is not about how fancy it can get, so much as the sensations and touch involved in rope play. It isn’t really necessary that someone be really fabulous at it, just that we do it. I love when our arousal draws him to me…when he makes love to me…ropes on…ropes off. For me, rope is all about the sensuality of touch, of the intimacy involved in touching each other, of the submission involved in cooperating with being tied up. I just love everything about it…even how it sometimes is quite challenging and even painful to be bound. It’s been months since I last played and it’s been months more since I last played with a dominant lover. It is one of the best experiences of submission for me. I don’t always feel submissive about rope play. But if I feel very submissive with a man, it deepens my submissive feelings immensely. I love it. I miss it. Alot.

2 thoughts on “The Sensuality of Rope Play

  1. Though I don’t particularly like rope play (and thankfully neither does HWMBA) I have always loved to watch skillfully executed shibari. There’s something extremely beautiful about it to me.

    love and hugs xxx


    1. Oh…yeah. I’ve never had an opportunity to watch someone who can make those fancy pictures, nor had anyone tie me up like that…but I sure would love to watch.

      Big soft boobie hugs to you my sister friend. *smiles*


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