I roll over in the Lavender moments,
The warm muscles of your sleeping back are a magnet,
Drawing my breasts to press, while the bow
Of my stretching body relaxes into a spoon, thigh to thigh
My sighs caress the nape of your neck and I press
My nose to inhale your scent while the sandman spins
My dreamy mind into a tale that is like the sea’s tides
Ebbing and flowing, every cell of my being stretching
Into your skin like fingers of light that caress you sweetly awake
My sleep muzzy mind thinks, “If I could, I’d swim into your heart
Rocking and smiling as every cell of my being hopefully spreads
To but feel you inside me in your morning yearning…”
Kissing your shores as I do endlessly, I open my eyes to meet your beautiful, loving gaze.
© 2011

Inspired by Sara Kay’s poetry and Ben Harper’s song.

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