Didja know that flirting with men whilst I’m on celibacy is quite confusing to them? I found that out. A guy I’m interested in thinks I’ve been giving him mixed messages apparently. *smiles and shrugs*

Yup. I’m still on my celibacy kick and yup. I really do mean it. I’m still normal and still have a libido. I’m not on some big kick to subsume my erotic feelings into spiritual ecstasy like I’m a monk though. I’m just interested in interrupting a pattern of distraction about sexual matters and my life focus just now…and I’m interested in making friends with a man who is very interested in my friendship sans sex.

Life is very quiet these days…I’m resting a lot. I’m worn out from being sick and from school and from having a lot of emotional distractions about manly type folk in my life. Soon my spring vacation will start. I’m looking forward to it.

No special news these days…Just happy. It feels good after a few weeks inside an emotional wave that just didn’t seem to quit…

For four days now I’ve felt peaceful again. And I feel that balance is returning to me physically after feeling ill for a month. It feels really good. My reserve is very low at the moment, so I need to rest and I’ll soon have plenty of time to do that.

Oh…There’s a pair of cranes nesting and fishing near my house. I’m really enjoying watching them. I haven’t spotted their nest as yet though. I’m hopeful I can watch the babies fledge. That will be awesome!!

2 thoughts on “Happy Here

    1. ((hugs)) Hey there sweet man. Happy Easter to you too!! *smiles* Love and wonder…and yummy music your way.


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