Here’s an Imogene Heap tune I like….

Rainy April morning…

In a moment I’ll be grabbing some breakfast and heading up town to sit at the Buddhist Center awhile.

The evergreen outside my gold clad window is glistening with raindrops.

The light is intimate and soft today.

I woke last night at 2am dreaming of someone I’ve known for just over a year.

The dreams brought a wave on.

I wept a while…

And then I remembered the smile from this morning.

I fell asleep comforted and woke again later at my normal time still smiling.

The birds are singing…

The cats are sleeping.

I should make a lot of noise and wake them up like they woke me up last night…

But I’m enjoying the music and the bird song too much.

I have been looking for a sensuality play partner.

I’ve asked two friends about it.

Both have expressed interest in time playing with me.

I’m feeling optimistic that I’ll start getting my needs for touch met.

That’s only a small part of my smile today.


I hope you all enjoy your weekend.

4 thoughts on “Smiles

  1. Though I haven’t done it for a while, it always used to be possible to embed youtube videos into wordpress blogs. Have they changed that recently?

    Had a great weekend. Hope you did too.

    love and hugs xxx


    1. Hey there sweety! Oh you can embed them just fine if that is available on the vid you pick…its just that youtube won’t let you view it from where you embed it. They make you surf to the youtube site. Most people don’t want to click links off a site for fear of viruses. Its annoying that the same vid I embed here is allowed to be viewed from facebook. Its aggravating that that incredibly viral, privacy violating site is allowed to view vids, even from the music company’s sites on facebook, but wordpress blogs aren’t allowed. *rolls eyes* I had a very quiet weekend, but its been sweet. Love you!!


  2. I’ve noticed that when I have posted music in the recent past it forces peoole to go on the youtube page instead of listening to it in my blog… It’s gotten a bit annoying also and although i would love to share music with people I usually pick songs about what I am feeling and it’s nice to listen to them while reading…..

    I miss the music you post also.


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