Sometimes I say no…Directly, indirectly…either way it’s no.

Some things I frequently say no to are waiting and hoping someone else will find time for me,  certain kinds of conversations perhaps… Sometimes I make decisions that will mean an ongoing no even when I feel submissive because I intuit it is best for me. Sometimes I say no simply because I don’t want someone to have the power to hurt me. I say no because I know that someone else is going to say it anyway…so I just beat them to it. Sometimes I say no for the sheer exercise of it because I can’t seem to say it when the time is right for some reason. Sometimes I really want something and I’ll say no because I want it too bad. Sometimes I say no because I feel unable to trust or I feel overwrought and don’t want anyone to see me like that. I say no when I need to exercise self-discipline. I say no when I mean yes because I think I don’t deserve it sometimes too.

Today I said no. I said no to myself as well as to someone else.

Why? *sighs…*

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4 thoughts on “Sometimes I say No

  1. Okay..LOL
    I found the 2!
    Must be late!
    I found myself nodding in agreement. I don”t like to feel like I begging for attention either.
    Long ago i was in a relationship like that, not a healthy one.
    Yeah you! for realizing there was a bad pattern forming and taking GOOD care of you!


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