I am in the mood to tease today.

I had a big little girl moment last night. Not very comfortable. I still feel it a bit today. Its something a small part of me would rather never need to express at all. Its a very vulnerable way to love.

Today I feel like teasing.

Some of it is teasing just because I’m feeling playful. I love to playfully tease those I really like and care about. I’m sweetly relentless with those I love. Its who I am.

Some of it is an expression of frustration and I want to pass it around. Not really appropriate, but I certainly know I’m doing it.

Some of it is a reaction to having no outlet to express the little girl moment and now that very simple. very vulnerable yearning has been folded into a woman’s desire for male attention and affirmation. My libido woke up this morning and now they are mixed together.


Just observing and feeling wistful…

2 thoughts on “Tease

  1. WordPress seems a bit hard to master, any tips that you might have would be gratefully received.

    Sorry to do this in your comment box but as many know, I am ridiculously bad with emails.

    My blog has been deleted (not by me). I have set up a new WordPress blog. It is going to take me a little time to figure out how WordPress works but the new blog is…


    and can be found at…




    1. OMGosh! I’m so sorry Prefectdt. You didn’t follow my blog then, but once upon a time I had a blog at blogger and several of my fellow bloggers at the time had their blogs just deleted like that. They could so easily make the blog private and not delete it….yet this is what they do. How incredibly frustrating and rude! How criminal too. Years of creative efforts just gone as if it had never existed.

      I’m so sorry and don’t worry a bit about putting a comment here. I’m very, very happy to let readers know how to find you! I’ll put up a post right away with the new url…((hugs))


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