I feel fabulous today. I woke up feeling cuddly and happy my cat wanted my attention today. I took my roommy to work so I got to do more time zipping around the city in the little green machine. As I was driving back into the drive way to get busy on reading for my class later this morning, I saw a flash of light. I wondered if it was a lightening storm. As I got out of the car, I heard a rumble….Been sitting here enjoying the thunderbeings dancing in the skies for about an hour now. Such a perfect way to start the day…

I went to something called a Cuddle Party yesterday. It is basically all about negotiating non-sexual touch with other people and learning how it feels to say yes or to say no to others. During one part of the party there was an exercise in which we paired up and  supposed to ask our partner a question. The question was about giving or receiving any kind of touch we wanted to ask for and our partner would give us the answer we were assigned to give. We spent a few minutes saying no and a few minutes saying yes, no matter what the question was. It happened that the entire group was composed of kinky folks, so I felt quite free to make all my questions rather kinky oriented…”Can I tweak your nipple? Can I pull your hair? Can I rake my nails down your back? Can I light your back on fire? Can I kiss your ears? Can I spank you? Can I kiss your lips? (I liked not specifying which set of lips too by the way)” I got to ask two women these questions and they asked me similar ones. I liked asking women such questions. It was fun…and then I snuggled into a big pouf that was part of the party furniture. Boobies on my back and a fellow I just met to spoon with in front. It was very snuggly and a bit arousing. It was awesome to have all that touch knowing full well that no one would even hint at having sex nor make even the remotest overtures for it to possibly happen another time. It was incredibly relaxing.

My favorite part was flirting with the women. I loved that. And I loved cuddling up to men I didn’t know and giving touch unconditionally in a non-sexual manner. I never get to do either thing it seems. There’s always erotic distance between me and women and always not enough erotic distance between me and men to allow such interactions. I saw both men and women relax with me in ways I never get to see. It touched me a great deal. For me, it is a lesson in loving…

When I got home last night, a fellow I like started talking about spending time with me and all the ways he’d like to do that…I felt happy to hear him talk about that. It was affirming and sweet. And it was affirming and sweet to hear he’d thought of seeing me this weekend, but didn’t want to just drop in also.

Anyway…The storm has passed and my musing has gone quiet…Back to my reading.

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