I know…Not very fasting like. *shrugs* It’s nevertheless how I feel and supposedly its good to journal about this process. I also feel a bit lonesome still today. I actually felt a bit weepy a few times yesterday. It passed easily and quickly. People would usually call that suffering and say I needed comfort and sympathy. It didn’t feel like suffering. It felt like a cleansing. As if I were letting go of something I didn’t need. I asked a fellow out to a movie last night. I didn’t really think he’d say yes. He never says yes. I keep hoping he’ll get over his fear of being my friend and say yes some time though. I like him very much. I didn’t feel like going to a movie alone last night, so I just went to bed at 9pm. I woke early feeling good today. If still a little lonesome. Perhaps that will be different by this evening since I’m spending time with friends today. Regardless, I am deeply grateful for such a glorious day again today…

7 thoughts on “I Wanna Bite

  1. We all need that “comfort” or we would not be capable of the other tangible feelings as well as more intangibles….shows our/your humaness “sweet” lady….frailty as well….enjoy the biting, painfree or painful as both are necessary good/evils….”smile”


  2. I think temptations for anything, even the things that is allowed, will always exist. I find that my struggles, when I was practicing fasting to go along with the catholicism, made it seem worth it more in the end. It didn’t make me feel the best at the time but I felt like I had really worked at it and that made it worth it.



      1. It does! Usually if I set my mind to overcome something hell or high water I usually at least move the “mountain” a bit if not demolish it all together. Just needs a little elbow grease


  3. It’s been a glorious day here too….blue skies, and so warm. We’re on the same page with the weepies this past day or so, mine a side effect of some medication which, thankfully, should be finished this week!

    Keep smiling my dear…and on the days you can’t… well, that’s ok too.

    love and hugs xxx


    1. Love you sweet friend. Its turned into a very good day. *smiles* And I’m glad it has included a note from you!


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