Every day for months now I’ve been performing morning ablutions as part of my spiritual practice. There’s a term for these ablutions. Its “dinacharya.” I took retreat with a traditional teacher last fall and this was a major assignment for my daily practice…to do good things for me each morning. One of the things I’m to do is self massage with sunflower oil each day. I felt impatient with it when I first started. I still feel impatient about it frequently before I get started and once I do it becomes a loving sensual experience. Even my shower time has become sensual. I find myself caressing myself all over and enjoying the feeling of a towel or my fingers smoothing my skin. It feels so good to feel the water running over my body. It feels relaxing to have the tightness of dry skin smoothed away with the oil. I love the scent of the sunflower oil. Sometimes I think about the beautiful flowers the oil comes from…that I am rubbing that liquid sunshine and pretty yellow color into my skin. These moments have become so full of love for myself. So sensual. So sweet and blessed.

I was thinking today that it is like making love to myself. A nice thing so soon after my celibacy decision.

Feels so good…

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