So here’s the deal…I’ve decided to choose celibacy for now.

I made this decision for spiritual reasons and for emotional reasons…and I’m using a time table for it that supports both emotional reasons and health choices. For at least two months and possibly more, I’ll be fasting from sexual activity and focusing on making friends.

I am not quite ready to talk about all the reasons at the moment, but it takes about three months to get an accurate std screening. It’s been about a month since my last new partner. Two months is what’s left and I thought to use this as a convenient time measurement to start with. I have goals that have nothing to do with any concerns about my health. I’m not particularly concerned with the screening results. I’m using the test as a motivation because I want to develop friendships with fluid bonds. Naturally if I choose a fluid bond with a partner, we’ll appreciate an accurate screening.

So…The reason for my comments about men driving me nuts is that I’m meeting my libido and energy of my decision head on and its already sometimes uncomfortable to look in the mirror.

More about my spiritual and emotional reasons another time…

3 thoughts on “A Decision

    1. Yeah well right now, it is definitely hugely totally uncomfortably waxing.

      I feel pouty and I want some big studly guy to fix it.


      I’ve missed you. Good to hear from you…and I have been enjoying your creative process too I must say. ((hugs))


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