“What’s the point of having a rapier wit if I can’t use it to stab people?”

– Jeph Jacques

Lifted from here .


“The quality of mercy is not strained,
It droppeth as the gentle rain from heaven”



“A gentle word opens an iron gate”

–Bulgarian Proverb


The wit quote amuses the sadist in me…

Nevertheless that very amusement calls out the gentleness in such strength.

I find myself applying it even to the amusement and I realize that kind of amusement is sometimes a wound spilling over like a habit from an old life.

It is an interesting thing to be human…

2 thoughts on “Crossing Swords

    1. *smiles* I just did it quietly…No fan fare. I comment less on your blogs of late, but I still enjoy reading yours too. Love you very much my friend. ((hugs))


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