There were several firsts today..

I got to try needles and to be beribboned.

I love needles!!!

I got to give a spanking in a public venue.

I’ve never topped in a group setting before.

I had alot of fun.

I asked someone I really didn’t know to give me a flogging in a public setting.

I got to give the spanking a really kneeler style spanking bench.

I’ve never had the chance to play on one before.

I also got to be strapped on to an uphostered St Andrews cross that was parallel to the floor and it was on a winch.

It was just like being at sea.

Glorious to get a flogging whilst floating.

Totally glorious.

Lots of yummy fun today.

5 thoughts on “Firsts

  1. I actually have done a few firsts this weekend too… I think even you would be a little surprise at the firsts considering how shy I get in certain situations.


      1. I’m happy too…. I feel really good right now and I am glad that I did try some things that I normally wouldn’t feel “safe” doing.


    1. Hey sparky man!! Good to hear from you. *smiles* Did you have a ball at your concert? Musta been wonderful. *smiles*


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