I’m contemplating whether a period of time being mindfully celibate is going to be a blessing. I think I need to tease out some tensions and habits that are mixed in with my sexual/emotional/touch needs. I think that I would like to develop some friendships which I hope might become sexual and have an element of power exchange…but do so absent the potential for sex in the near future. I think that I would like to have a few months in which I have no new partners so that a new STI screening is pretty accurate at painting my status picture. I like to have clarity on my status. Sometimes that takes some celibacy. I’ve already been sans a lover for about a month or so and I have done a few months of celibacy deliberately in the past for this collection of reasons and I felt really happy with the results.

Not sure I’m going to do that, but I’m considering making the trend of lacking a lover a ,more mindful one.

6 thoughts on “Newsy sorta posting…

  1. I’m enjoying my friendship with you as well. It’s a nice change of pace communication wise and being able to socialize… and I feel safe with you, which is important.


  2. That’s all wonderful news, dear one.. I’m sorry for having been so silent, but I do read, and I do send you warm and sweet vibes… and love and ((hugs)).


    1. Ah…chicky I’m glad to hear from you. ((big warm hugs)) You always spread good vibes. *smiles* I hope you are taking good care of you!


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