tumblr_m7dj41bzvz1rn91cjo2_500I have noticed that I have a tendency to pick men who only want booty calls lately while I also have a tendency to want to feel affectionate and smitten (that’s not new) even if I don’t want to build a life with someone and want to live alone for right now. I was laughing to myself today about it. I’m so distracted mentally today from trying to write an essay that I kept not really reading the directions on the automated movie ticket machine and trying to get it to work my way. *rolls eyes*

I really do need to make a good friend for regular intimacies though. It is important to get my needs met and one thing I need is touch and bdsm. When I feel strongly about such things as I am right now, the Universe will provide someone special. At least for a little while. Just gotta be patient.

7 thoughts on “Smitten and Not

  1. No S&BJ isn’t the end of the world… you are a lot busier right now than usual and you need to take care of yourself.

    One of the reasons I am shying away from Booty calls is because it honestly takes too much energy. I rather put energy INTO a relationship that I know is going to last longer than the 12 hours they remember my name.


    1. *smiles* Yup. I am too busy. I have some lovely wonderful amazing relationships with both men and women. They are nourishing and sensual and sweet. I feel very close and validated by them. Nevertheless, I do not have a man in my life who makes my passions sing…That’s what I’d love. *smiles*


      1. I understand that and I think, at one point or another, that is the human condition. I also know getting needs met (the nourishing, sensual, and sweet relationships) is good but the want (in this case it comes in the form of steak and blow job) is even better. Patience is needed…. I hate being patient… but it’s needed.


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