tumblr_mqlce8WLc21rsj72ao1_500Maybe I need to start a tag called “bus adventures”. Today’s time on the bus was more amusing than the other day. Another elder man. This one talked non-stop. I don’t think he really listened. He just wanted attention and to make conversation. He grilled me about whether I’d made it to the capitol for some meetings about something. He told me all about the food. Then 20 minutes later he asked someone else if she’d made it and suddenly the meetings sucked. He wanted to know where people worked. He’d do the driver’s job of hollaring out the stop. Then he’d ask the driver how he did and told him its a good thing he was on the bus. He wanted everyone to sit down and worried if they stood up that they’d fall. He’d remark how nice each person was when they left the bus. I grinned at the things he said a number of times. Not at his expense, but out of simple appreciation for his earnestness and silliness in trying to make friends. The whole thing made me grin. I am very grateful for people. They fascinate, teach and amuse me each day of my life.

2 thoughts on “Elder Man

  1. I tend to find that I oddly get really great insights from people I talk to either at bus stops, on the bus, or on the train. I’m not quite sure why but I’ve had some pretty intense conversations and although I only know one person that I had regularly seen on the bus while I was still doing shopping at 6 am in the morning It’s always an interesting conversation. I find when I do make connections with people that “see” me regularly when something happens (my arm for example) they notice the absence.


    1. It ~is really interesting to watch people. I learn a great deal from being with others and most of all I get outside my own internal space and think about others. Keeps me from getting self absorbed. Yesterday on another trip on a bus, I saw a group of teens. They were a gang. They dressed like gangbangers from LA and they tried their best to act like they see those bangers on tv act…but they had the clear eyes of kids who may have had a few disappointments in their lives and who may have had some disillusionment, but they are not thugs. Others on the bus avoided their eyes. They were afraid. I’m sure if they wanted to bully people they might have, but they were basically good kids trying to find a place that felt like family. Hopefully life will give them that in a more real fashion than what they’ve found so far. Also yesterday, I was standing at the bus stop. I was there alone at first and I was singing. I generally sit there and sing to myself. Sometimes I sing even when others are there if I’m in a really good mood. Along came this fellow from some where he’d have a heavy accent. He had a hooded coat on. I couldn’t see much of his face for the scarf either. He said something that sounded like Arabic though. I just wasn’t sure what it was. I think he said Bismallah in response to my good morning. Its a blessing. I wasn’t sure though. We laughed about it. He couldn’t explain his words, so he moved on. I wished I could have spoken to him more directly. I liked him stopping to say hello though. It was nice to be laughed with. I hope I’ll see him again. It is really fun to be around people. I like it for the most part…Even that old man who I wrote about on this post, was burping loudly over and over again in between his stream of conversation. LOL! HUgs…


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