Ankylosing Spondylitis, systemic lupus erythematosus, osteomalacia…

It is my responsibility to memorize these nearly unpronounceable terms (along with hundreds of others in the next two months), know how to spell them without using the text and be able to define them.

I am not succeeding.

I look at them and blink blankly.


I think my straight A gpa is swirling in the bowl before disappearing down that little metal tube…Just a matter of time.

Let’s see…Ankyl-whatits is something about the spine and something about arthritis. No clue about the lupus one but I assume that it has to do with the autoimmune system. If its a multiple guess on that one and not fill in the blank I’ll get it. Osteo-whatsits is definitely a bone thing. That’s a bit obvious though since its in the section about bones…so that’s not going to get an A I can assure you. Cannot remember what it means without looking it up.

Did I mention yet that I have to figure out suffixes and prefixes and build new words that don’t appear to me to be plain English and stick them together to come up with a medical language that holds meaning? Epi, logy, hypo, carp, stern, uln…just to name a few. They mean (in the exact order as the last list), I don’t know, study of, less than, I don’t know, I don’t know but I think it has to do with the sternum bone, and the last one is a bone too which I think might possibly be in the arm.

Oh…and let’s not forget the abbreviations I’m supposed to memorize.

The only saving grace in this is that if I take this class, I’ll have had an additional semester of a little Anatomy and Physiology stuff under my belt and maybe I won’t fail that class for lack of enough time to learn things. That’s important since I have to do well in that class to get my chosen degree.

I sure would love to have my eidetic memory back.

When I started classes last year, I felt nearly panicked that I’d fail classes because I couldn’t seem to learn the material. I found the opposite was true…until I got to these classes. These are nearly purely memorization or being able to use something that’s supposedly memorized and apply it using a more challenging framework.

I am having the very experience I feared this semester and its a good thing this didn’t happen the first semester because I don’t think I’d have made it to my second semester. I’d have given up. I’m determined to do my best though. Guess I need to go into my advisor’s office and have a little chat…

A spanking sure would help right about now. I’m feeling frustrated and nervous…

Did I mention this is one of the reasons why I’d really love to have a regular, local play partner?

K…back to the grind of learning this material…

3 thoughts on “Swirling

  1. Here’s a word for you:

    Now I ask you, can you even figure out how to pronounce that, never mind spell it without looking in a book first? By the way, this is something nearly everyone as seen and had used on them. Its a blood pressure cuff. Now why not just call it that? I can spell that!


  2. I don’t suppose a device running a google app is allowed?

    Man, talk about being screwed, and not in a good way. Me I’m talking about… nope, no way would I be able to spell, remember, apply any of the aforementioned. Apparently, even if I tried I could not become a doctor… sorry mom!

    (Best of luck Ms. Green, I suspect you’ll “get it” sooner than later, after all, you DO have a straight A gpa… you obviously have fabulous intellect)


    1. *smiles* I had a nice talk with my instructor about this class today. She told me to change my perspective on it. She said no one knows all the terminology and no one knows how to spell it all and she doesn’t remotely expect me to. She’s redesigned the tests to make them more doable. If I’m only very familiar with the terminology, I’ll do well in the class. I thought I flopped the last test totally. I got 17 out of 20 correct. And I’m positive I did as well or better on the two tests I did today. Phew! I am much relieved…and I realized that I did much better with the class and felt more confident studying all day yesterday and then again this morning instead of early in the week like I had been doing…so all’s well that will end well.

      Doctor?! Naw…I like to learn, but I don’t want to do med school. For some reason they think that despite teaching doctors to tell patients not to work 24 hours at a time, they still make doctors do that when they study medicine. Insane. I can’t do it…So no doctor’s license for me either.

      Blessings this day.


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