Sometimes I feel really irritated with people. I get irritated when people have a feeling and they don’t want to deal with it…so they tell me that some how I am wrong or make them feel uncomfortable. They use that as an excuse to be aloof and then tell me they wouldn’t be aloof if I wasn’t wrong or making them feel uncomfortable.

When the truth is they have their own uncomfortable feeling that has nothing to do with me. I never did anything except be myself…which was supposedly lots of fun and really wonderful…until they got an uncomfortable feeling.

*rolls eyes*

It is very hard for me to be patient with this behavior.


I really do feel like kicking someone’s ass.

The good news is, I’m getting slightly better at saying what I think without getting all hurt and weepy and so full of self doubt that I actually question my own integrity.

Meh…This too shall pass.

Though it would pass more amusingly if I kicked ass. *smirks*

4 thoughts on “Butt Kicking

  1. What is that wonderful parable about carrying my own shit?
    and letting you carry yours?
    I have an “uncomfortable feeling” if I had the slap gun my heart desires, I would use it way to often…


  2. You know, naked butt kicking doesn’t sound half bad…

    I assume the target for this recent irritation was a man. You do know that, for the most part, we are all idiots. Men, I’m taking about. I’m often reminded of a funny tee-shirt that stated: Men are stupid, throw rocks at them.

    Of course I could be totally off with my assumption, and if that’s the case, feel free to throw a rock at some random man, no doubt he deserves it for some reason and will understand.

    Kidding aside, it’s very good that you are able to voice your feelings without thinking ill about yourself or becoming introspective and doubtful. That is actually a difficult hurdle to leap… honestly, I’m not so sure I’m there yet. Good for you.


    1. *smiles* Thank you for the giggle.

      Truth to tell, this morning I am full of self doubt. I’m still irritated too. I am not immune to self doubt. It just comes less often than it did. Thankfully.

      Enjoy the snowy day…That is if wherever you are, there’s a snowy day…as there is here. Blessings.


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