4 thoughts on “Just thinkin…

  1. I must admit… I like the way you think.

    I was thinking too.

    I was thinking that I don’t really know why, but that photo is extremely sensual. The harmony captured touches me.

    And then I was thinking more, but more about John Lee Hooker and the amazing life he must have experienced. Can you imagine being born a black person in the early 1900’s and living through the turn of the century? Not to mention the incredible journey he made in his personal life… wow, mind blowing really.

    Thanks for sharing your thought


  2. I saw John preform for that tour, and several before that..
    The man had such a presence up there, under that light in that room filled with smoke.
    yeah, there are something that go right to the girly parts…


    1. Gee that must have been wonderful. I can imagine he’d go right to the girly parts all right. He does on a recording…In person must be enchanting…I’d love to see him perform. Lucky you…((hugs))


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