I think that a bucket list with stuff crossed off is a thing to celebrate. It also indicates just how diligent a person is about reaching for their happiness…and it is certainly a statement of how adventurous a person is. Wanna see all the naughty things I’ve been up to in the past couple years? *smiles*

June 26, 2009

  • Publish. (I publish all the time. Right here and several other places. I have done readings of my work in the past couple years too. The only thing I haven’t done with my writing is be paid.)
  • Figure out what my new vocation is and get the training for it. (I’m in school right now)
  • Figure out where home is and move there.
  • Get my things out of storage and spread ‘em around my home.
  • Buy new furniture to fill in the blanks that occured when I split with my husband that really feels like me…stuff that I’ll have the rest of my life. (New BED, desk and office chair)
  • Go see the country…kinda lik’in the 4 corners idea…I’ve seen a bit of Michegan, Wisconsin and Minnesota, a little more of Ohio too. I’ve also got to visit Rhode Island recently.
  • Meet some of my bloggy friends while I’m at it…since that’s where most of my bloggy friends seem to live.
  • Go on a trip to investigate my mother’s happiness…for some reason that calls to me alot right now.
  • Trust someone venerable with my heart again. (I have loved Another since I wrote this, split and now I love again. Both are venerable men.)
  • I want to find out what its like to have more than a sweet friendship with a male submissive like I have with KL…I want to know the joy of recieving into my hands the care of a submissive man’s heart. (I’ve had a submissive in my life and loved deeply in the past year. It was wonderful…and I wish we could have gone deeper)
  • I want to feel the surrender of a true submission flowing in me again. I want to find out who I am in that surrendered state now. I know I’ve changed a great deal…I got just a taste of submission time recently with a guy and its clear to me that yup. I’ve changed a great deal…and it intrigues me to discover the woman I am when I give a full submission again. (I have had a full time submission. I have learned that who I am is girlish and profoundly loving. )
  • Finish the rest of my last bucket list.

If you’re still interested in my other naughty pursuits click the page number below…

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