If you were a prospective date and was contemplating the potential for a date or for more, would you date yourself?

I was having a conversation with a friend yesterday and that question came up.

I thought it was a pretty good question to ask oneself.

I am very pleased with my answer.

I would definitely date me.

I would love to change some things about my middle aged body, but over all I think I’m yummy.

I’m pleased by that answer, because even when I looked a bit more like Halle Berry, I thought I was ugly and undatable.

I was an idiot.

I’m glad I’m not anymore.

Just sayin’

5 thoughts on “I’m Curious…

  1. I have to be honest here and although I think I’m a really nice person and I have the best intentions possible in my actions, I don’t think I’m bad looking, and I tend to be very lovable….

    I actually look for the opposite of me in some ways. It would be great to date myself… I mean I’d get my own way all the time…

    But I actually find the opposite balances me and I’d be on like…. snorkoverload….. I’d have like a snorking meltdown….


    1. My wonderful snorky friend….LOL!

      I am with you on needing the wonderful stimulation of someone different from me…I just think its important to really be in to who you are and think you are sexy as you are. I wanted to raise the question for others too. *smiles*


      1. Oh there is no denying I am sexy… I have more confidence in that area than I know what to do with. I really love who I am… that being said… if I dated anyone who shared my quirks… all of my quirks… I wouldn’t find the balance I get dating other people.


  2. I’m cute as hell, so at least my mother says. But I’ll be damned before I wax my entire body just to date myself.

    Kidding aside, I do think this question has a slight feminine slant. I mean really, can you imagine two male friends discussing the same idea while having a beer together?

    “You know Fred, I’ve been thinking….”

    Though I do not believe the question is trivial by any means and as a matter of fact believe it should be asked, regardless of gender, it just makes me giggle thinking about the look on my buddies faces if I brought it up. But in the interest of your post and to prove that I capable of embracing my feminine side, I will share a quick answer.

    The sincerity in my eyes would draw me, and make me want more. And once I got to know me, I would have a blast with myself. There are many qualities that I would be a attracted to. But similar to what CompleSimplicty stated, eventually I would need differences – balance comes from opposites sides of one scale, does it not?


    1. Indulgence is an interesting name…*smiles* Love it.

      Does it have a feminine slant? I think so…but I also think that it begs the question of are you who you want to be? Are you someone you can admire in relationships? Are you attractive to yourself?

      Most people don’t think about those things and they wonder about their attractiveness….and I often notice that many people have a standard for others and a standard for themselves and they often do not match.

      Certainly, I”m like you and CS in that I need the entertainment, the joys and the fun of differences. *smiles* Thanks for saying hello. I enjoyed hearing from you!


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