Day before yesterday, Spring was in the air.

Yesterday, I went out and nearly got frost bitten.

I liked day before yesterday better.

Com’on Spring!


For those of you who are imagining the warm weather and how fun it is to be outside playing,

here’s a way fun vid by my favorite shibari partner.

The vid is on some bondage cuffs with a design of his own devising.

And nope. Those aren’t my breasts and that’s not his shibari work.

However, the breast bondage image above was inspiration for a bit of work he did on me once upon a time.

His harness was prettier than this one and I felt pretty in it.

3 thoughts on “Spring needs to Spring!

  1. I was just thinking how nice it will be to get back into some lighter clothing and walk around without shoes or socks on for a bit without getting chilled.

    It has gotten warmer than it was earlier this month even if its not “spring” weather anymore.


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