I used to think that very complex emotions were rich and dense with delicious flavor. Laughter through tears, forgiveness through resentment and dawning understanding, gratitude and released fears at a windfall…Such amazing things to feel.

I am adding to the list. Amazingly gut busting belly laughs in the throes of an eye-rolling orgasm. Yup. I think that’s a stand out kind of emotion. I’m not sure I can even describe it. You’ve got to have such a moment of your own.

Oh a side note…I have an event to go to this weekend. Another kink event. I have an outrageously revealing costume for it since that’s part of the fun of this particular event. It is a saloon girl theme. Its a corset style top, a very short mini(which is not strictly right for the time period, but it will do), some thigh highs with bows at the knee, some red garters peeking out of the mini, a shawl and either heels or short boots, I’m undecided. I am not sure I’ve got the guts to wear something so revealing. I’ve been spending alot of time wearing clothing that’s not very revealing the past few years. I need to purchase my clothing the past couple years so that it suits more than one purpose. One of those purposes is to be modest at ceremonies I attend. So I’m generally all covered up with the exception of a little cleavage with a couple shirts and one long skirt that has a slit up to the knee. It will feel like going nekkid. Prolly freeze my ass off too. I’m wearing it though. I think it will be fun. My costume relates to two of the people I’m going with, so there should be some fun for that reason. Did I mention I’m smiling alot about my life lately? *winks*

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