Like other areas of New England, we had thunder-snow last night. For those who have never experienced this phenomena, that’s when there’s an electrical element to what’s happening in the storm, just like we see in a rain storm, but it’s snowing. This typically only happens in polar regions, but I’ve seen it three or four years running now. What I’ve seen in the past is only one or two flashes maybe for the entire storm. This time it was spectacular enough that people reported it. I rather liked this article about it if you want to read further…but the last region wide hoopla about it was in 1978. I am old enough to remember that storm. It was the one and only time my father didn’t go to work when he was scheduled to the entire time I knew him. We had snow piled so high it was almost touchable from my bedroom window on the second story of the condo I lived in as a child. It fell within something like 24 hours.

The world is still hushed and I still have snow up close to my knees on the side-walk in front of the door. The hand shovelers haven’t been around to get the walk way to the door cleared out yet. Its fun to look at. So pretty.

4 thoughts on “Thundersnow

  1. I hadn’t heard of this until a few months ago. Loving both thunderstorms and snow, I’d love to experience it just once, though from the safety of my home rather than out on the road!

    For as beautiful as the snow is, I hope it clears quickly for you. Our own snowfall here this winter hung around for weeks. Funny how quickly what’s so beautiful then becomes a pain when it interferes for any prolonged period with daily life.

    love and hugs xxx


    1. Oh geez! I forgot you were snowed in. I’d love to hear that story some time. Maybe you’ll blog it? I haven’t been snowed in for years now. We’ve got the right clothes and equipment for that sort of weather around here. Other parts of the country get shut down over a dusting of snow though, so you aren’t much different from some parts of the US. I’d love to have you come hang out here if you ever think you can get away for a bit. Maybe we can treat you to some thunder storms…*smiles*


  2. It’s been about 2 weeks ago now since our part of the country experienced a Thunder-Snow. It went on for most of a day, and was remarkable in it’s difference from a rain thunder storm. The very muffled quality of the thunder (due to all the snow) and the muted lightening (not nearly as clear and sharp as in a rain storm) made it seem very calm and gentle, the rumblings of a benign giant. I experienced the event as a peaceful display of nature without any of the angst that a typical summer storm engenders.


    1. You beautifully described how it felt! Thank you for that. Its true, its almost as if the Thunderbeings are sleepy instead of stomping around scaring the bejeepers out of everyone as they do in summer. *grins*


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