I have been very wakeful, restless and anxious the past two nights. I know that it is simply the combination of hormonal changes of my moon cycle and the stress of going to classes again this semester. Its been a bit chaotic this semester with several last minute changes in my classes for various reasons. Last semester, I had no idea how lucky I was to have courses that needed no or few books and that my classes were at times when I’d no need to carry much more than a bottle of water with me to have my needs met. This semester, the classes are at times when I need either  a meal or snacks or both and I have to carry a number of heavy texts, sometimes two classes worth. Transportation requires walking at least a block to get where I’m going, even if I drive. To top that off, the college seems a bit less organized this semester. Needless to say, I’m sore and over tired as a result, as well as having a bit of pms.

Anyway, I’ve been awake since about 3:30am. I tried reading myself back to sleep and I tried breathing myself back to sleep. Its no good. I’m up. The teakettle is on to make my morning tea. Obviously, I’ve got a Vata (full of chamomile and good for calming the restless windy energy of the body) formula of herbs waiting for boiling water to steep. I am sure that by the end of the day, I’ll be feeling much better. I plan to go to Shambhala Cafe at the local Buddhist Center later this morning. There’s two hours of sitting, sandwiched with reading and social time that is richer for the discussion of the reading. I really love to go. I find it such a blessing. I always feel very contented and fulfilled afterward.

So anyway, if you don’t mind a ramble, I figured I’d just let myself muse aloud about life and recent events. let my tea cool and just sit with you awhile and babble…

If so you’ll find links to the next page in the post below.

14 thoughts on “Lavender Ramble

  1. While I’m sorry you were not resting well last night, I deeply appreciate your Lavender Ramble, all of it. Thank you for sharing yourself here, your journey and your truth speak to me and I am blessed.



    1. *smiles* Hello Tapestry. It is very good to have your company in my wee hours of the day. Thank you for sharing the lavender…

      There is a sanskrit word I like the meaning of. It means, I see you. I welcome your divinity and respect you…there’s many subtle meanings to it, but that’s the gist of it….Namaste.


    1. Prefectdt! How lovely to hear from you! I haven’t commented on your blog much in the last year, but I haven’t stopped watching it on my reader. Blessings to you. *smiles*


        1. Could be…*grins* Doesn’t explain the nights before and after though. Its a good reason to be up for sure. Lovely amazing splendid magnificent…


    1. Oh sister mine, you go right ahead and steal anything and everything you want. I sure hope it helps you.

      I have another thing to add to that measuring stick that occurred to me today. I want to see a sparkle in the eyes and hear that sparkle in their voice that’s for me. I want to feel it too about the people I spend my life with, be they friends, family, lovers or even employers. I don’t mean I wouldn’t value the connections this sparkle is absent from, but I do want to nurture it where it exists.

      Feel free to steal that one too if it suits you.

      ((hugs)) I am so glad you are here. *smiles*


    1. Hello Hermione! Its very fun to be back. I’m so glad you stopped by to say hello. Its great to hear from you again!! *smiles*


  2. Well hello dear friend, its so good to see you back. I’m glad I stopped by Prefectdt’s blog.

    I look forward to visiting with you again soon.

    Love and hugs,


    1. Well hello to you too Ronnie,

      I haven’t stopped by to say hi on your blog in the past year, but I have certainly continued to keep track of your doings…You are a spanking kinda gal, you are. *smiles* Its good to hear from you my dear. I am glad you stopped by.


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