tumblr_ma7c22L9P41rdsqvmo1_500Its snowing here.

The world almost always looks pristine in my neck of the woods. I like that.

Did I mention that all around as I drive through the city I live in, there’s snow capped mountains in sight? Its gorgeous here. Truly.

I thought to share something else about my world that’s rather neat. I have cardinals and chickadees that live in the evergreens around and against my house. They peck on the windows flapping their wings wildly to get my attention when they want fresh seed out front or they want to complain about the squirrels and try to get me to chase them off. They peck on the siding when they are after the termites that are in the walls. I love to see them. Such beautiful birds and I so appreciate the wildlife paying attention to me and making friends with me.

We’ve got a little brown jack rabbit that visits the seed pile most mornings. I can find his foot prints in the snow on those days the fresh dusting comes very early.

There’s a pileated wood pecker living in our woods too. So beautiful! Loud too. Luckily he’s only pecked on the house for termites once since I moved in. I thought someone was hammering the house beside my second story window. Scared the bejeepers outa me! There’s little woodpeckers too, but they don’t make nearly that much noise. Mr. Norris is happy here with all the birds and squirrels to watch. I love my home.


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