If you read even two or three pages of this blog,

you’ll note that I love artsy, emotional and beautifully composed erotic images.

I love this image, for example…

This is a new post tucked in at the beginning of all posts here to share a little of who Nymphadora and Remus were before they met and what their circumstances were. This is because when we blog about a start, we don’t know we’re starting really. We could have stopped as easily as we started. Thus, this post is less discrete in references to how, what, and who we were at the glimmering beginning. Here’s a paragraph or three about just that:

Remus was married back then and living in a small town along side a beautiful lake. He was working at a job that in present time he’s been at for thirty-five years. He’s got grown kids and they were all off making their own lives. In the months before we met, he’d made an agreement with his wife for her to have a platonic play partner. She and her new beau were happily having kinky play dates and had been for months. It brought some spice to their marital relationship. In my original blogs, both Remus and his wife had non-Pottermore monikers, but for the sake of privacy, when we moved our story to Poetic Radiances, we needed new names. I grabbed the most silly Freudian choices I could when picking our monikers the afternoon I started Radiances. His wife’s moniker is more Freudian than others. I suppose that’s so for the names of my old lovers too. If I had this deliberation to do over, I’d have picked Angelina Johnson for his wife. It would most closely fit her personality, but as it is, I made a joke of the “evil metamour” and called her Bellatrix. It is not meant unkindly, but I admit that it reflects an emotional response during a fleeting moment in time that has long passed. I think this momentary angst is better made light of; thus I have kept the name Bellatrix. In any case, before I met him, Remus, was a bit overwhelmed with all the girl energy in his house because his wife’s girls are still living with them. It should be noted that Remus has always been counted a good guy in life and a reliable, smart guy who is apt to lend a hand where needed.

Nymphadora is a newly single gal living in company with a really nice woman named Ginny who is still a close, cherished friend. We each have a cat whom we continue totumblr_n34mm140fu1roez34o1_500 adore. Back then we shared a sweet condo we loved living in. I am still a full-time student and my spirituality has always been paramount in my life. I’m not religious, but I do consider myself a Buddhist. At this point, it’s the beginning of February 2011 and I am spending my quiet time contemplating the ways in which I relate to the world. You see, I have a formative desire to become enlightened and to be happier post divorce. Doesn’t everyone soul search post divorce? Anyhoo, I have grown children, one of whom I made from the body. I love to sing, write poetry, essays, prose and travel articles. I adore walking and communing with nature. Back then, there were people I found intriguing, that I might even be smitten with, but not Remus yet. I am sure I was writing all about that back then, but there was no one I was dating. In fact, in a  few weeks at the start time of all things Remus and Dora, I’ll make a decision to be celibate and I won’t be looking for a relationship at all when I meet Remus. He’ll just be a nice person to have for a platonic play partner. When at some point along the way, Bellatrix and Remus decide that he can have a play partner also, we both agreed that we prefered things to be platonic and to be good friends only. We were quite serious about that. That’s back when we met…but I’m getting ahead of myself. First there’s just me and my inner thoughts here on a blog about relationships, sexuality and I suppose spirituality. And on that original blog I on was writing when all this began, there would have been years of storytelling in the archives with many posts about loving my ex husband and other meta mours which I no longer have. Back then I had a completely different life which fell apart and there were many posts extolling the life I built in another state. I’d built a happy beautiful life full of the stimulation of collegiate studies, new friends, my kitty and my spiritual practice and that too I was happy to blog about. Nearly all those posts were deleted when we started this blog. Dora let them all go and has focused this blog only about Remus and Dora’s life together.

Thus we started there…and went to here. So to speak. Feel free to read on, or skip ahead to life as it is now. Welcome stranger!

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